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As the Membership Chair I want to help you learn about our organization and facilitate linking new members to a local chapter. When new members join ENA they are not always assigned to a Chapter. When reviewing the monthly membership, new unassigned members are noted on the end of the roster. I assign them to a Chapter based on their mailing address and zip code. I encourage you to welcome new members and thank re-joining members by sending a letter. Letter examples are linked below. If for any reason a members wants to be assigned to a different Chapter, they must do so through National ENA:

If you have any questions or need assistance I can be reached at

ENA Membership Chair Report

August 2015
The total number of members registered in California is currently 3899. Congratulations to the following Chapters for the following 16 NEW ENA Members as of August 11, 2015

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  • Channel Islands Chapter = 1 new member
  • East Bay = 2 new members
  • Greater LA = 3 new members
  • Inland Empire Chapter = 2 new members
  • Kern Chapter = 1 new member
  • Loma Prieta Chapter = 1new member
  • Mid-Valley Chapter = 1 new member
  • Monterey Bay – 0
  • Northern LA = 0
  • Orange Coast = 1 new member
  • Sacramento Chapter = 1 new member
  • San Diego Chapter = 1 new member
  • San Francisco Chapter = 1 new member
  • Superior = 1 new member

If you wish to have contact information for your Chapters’ newest members please contact Linda Rosenberg at

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