Membership Committee

Hi fellow ENA members,
Everyone in our ENA community would like to invite you to join our professional organization. We have been campaigning successfully for many years to increase the number of our national as well as our state membership. It has involved a lot of work by our local chapters and state council, as well as individuals to overcome barriers and to develop pride in becoming a valuable member of their own professional organization. As an organization, we have helped to provide courses, free CE’s and have granted scholarship to those who wanted to pursue higher education.

We know that you would be a great addition to our organization, especially with your knowledge about emergency nursing.

State council meetings are held 5x a year and are posted on the website a year in advance to give members plenty of time to plan to come.

We also have our ENA 2020 member challenge ongoing. Visit our ENA website for details

We know that you will enjoy being a member as much as we do. Email me if you have any questions.
Agnes Faria

New Member | Re-joinging Members