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Whether you’re a staff nurse or manager in an emergency department, an administrator, prehospital, flight, pediatric or trauma emergency nurse, an emergency clinical nurse specialist, nurse practitioner, student or educator, you can benefit from membership in ENA. No matter your level of experience, or the size of your emergency department, membership in ENA contributes to your professional growth.

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March 2, 2018

NEURO-CON at San Francisco General Hospital

Chapter Report to State Council

January 2018 
Here’s our news:
  1. Mindy will be representing us in New Orleans at the State and Chapter Leaders Orientation.
  2. We are planning a conference on March 2, 2018 at SFGH, called NEURO-CON. We are sending out call for speakers this week.
  3. We are planning some vendor dinners in the coming months, as our meetings.
  4. There will be a Fall conference, too. Perhaps PEDS or TRAUMA.

November 2017

San Francisco had a successful Trauma Conference at SFGH in October. Our newest conference will be Neuro Con in the Spring. Details are will be forthcoming.

August 2017
The Chapter is sending three delegates to EN17 in St. Louis: Judy Scott, Mindy Elayda and Mark Wandro. The delegates are getting stipends from the Chapter because we can afford it this year. Cheryl, our president, is on the National committee and will also be presenting at the conference. Our 2-day TRAUMA CON conference will be in San Francisco on October 5 & 6. On-line posting and registration will be available in the next week, by mid August. Watch your emails and the website.

May 12, 2017
Our “Trauma-CON” conference at San Francisco General on June 12 is SOLD-OUT! We offered a conference fee of only $1 for new members and we got 19 new members. We are planning our next conference in October at Stanford.

March 2017:
SF Bay Area Chapter will be having our 4th annual conference: “TRAUMACON” and it will be held at Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital,-Carr Auditorium Monday on June 12 from 0800-1600. If anyone wants to help out and volunteer at the conference, please let us know!

January 2017 Report: SF Bay Area Hello everyone. Cheryl Randolph is on the National Conference Planning Committee again for 2017. I’m on my first National committee for 2017, the Institute for Quality, Safety, and Injury Prevention. If anyone would like to volunteer at concert events in NorCal, such as BottleRock, Outside Lands, and other concert venues at Shoreline or Concord Pavillion, please let me know. I have been volunteering for Rock Med for several years and will be definitely planning to work Bottle Rock day 2. Sign up at Its great way to recruit new and inspiring ER nurses…BLS is the basic certifications and nursing or EMT students are strongly encouraged! Submitted by: Mindy Elayda-SF Bay Area Treasurer Kaiser South Sacramento ER.

November 2016 report: Cheryl has recovered from her surgery and is doing well. However, she plans to step down from her stint as our chapter president. We hope to have new officers for next year, soon, so we can continue to keep San Francisco a great chapter.

We sent 3 delegates to the national ENA Assembly in LA in September. Plans for 2017 include our TRAUMA CON conference in April.

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