Government Affairs Committee

The purpose of the GAC is to educate members about legislation that affects emergency nursing, emergency services and emergency care. Please encourage your fellow chapter members and colleagues to use this web page as a reference of emergency nursing advocacy. Al or Leslie Duke, your 2018 Government Affairs Committee co-chairs:

GAC Administration Page

Sacramento Legislative Day on the Hill

Join us March 21, 2018 for our annual Leg Day. This year’s Leg Day will start with a cocktail reception with the Leg Aids on Tuesday, March 20th from 6-8pm; please join us and meet your local Legislative Aid. The next day, March 21st AM we will give a presentation on the Leg process and ENA talking points; in the afternoon we will tour the Capitol and visit with legislators. Immediately following Leg Day we will hold a Sidewalk CPR demonstration.

Professional dress required. No scrubs. The ENA button down collared shirt may be worn. Please wear comfortable shoes for walking. Rooms at the Hyatt are available for $ 239.00 per night: Hyatt Regency -1209 L Street, Sacramento 95814. Breakfast and Lunch provided.

Please use this form to register: Leg Day Registration Form

Committee Report to State Council:

January 2018
In today’s meeting, we discussed leg day which is on March 21st. Registration will go live on Cal ENA website within the next week. The registration deadline is February 28th and will max at 40 participants. This year we are going to do the hands only CPR training and include stroke awareness for the public after leg day is over. Discussion about this year’s charter and guidance for the committee so there is a plan of action for the remainder of the year and for the new legislative cycle in 2019. National level legislation HR 304 has been signed in December by President Trump to continue the practice of Standing Orders in EMS. HR 1478 is a piece of legislation that would provide for research on gun violence. The National ENA GAC submitted a letter of support based on the outcome of General Assembly in 2017. Please keep your eye on the California ENA website for the 2018 Leg Day registration form and sign up early. If you have any questions, please feel free to email
May 2017
The meeting was called to order today at 0915 by Al & Leslie Duke. The majority of the meeting focused on legislation working their way through both houses. There was interesting discussion on several bills and what affect each bill will have on patients, the emergency department and emergency nurses. The current watch list tops 23 bills with an additional 2 bills brought forward to the committee. The committee submitted a motion to move from a watch to support on AB 44 (Expedite workers comp in a declared disaster), AB 583 (Emergency Air Medical Transport Funding), and to oppose unless amended SB 746 (Student Health Physicals). The GAC committee referred two bills to the EMS committee for further discussion and recommendation as they pertain to Community Paramedicine. Cal ENA continues to support AB 909 (Emergency Response: Trauma Kits), which is scheduled for Assembly Appropriation Committee on May 17th. SB 20 (Seatbelt on charter bus requirement) has passed the Senate and is in the Assembly. Finally SB 799 (BRN Sunset legislation) set for hearing in the Senate Appropriations Committee on May 15th.

March 7th the California GAC Committee hosted a cocktail party for legislators to come and meet the committee. This was a well-attended meet and greet, three members of the Assembly spent a considerable time discussing issues related to emergency nursing and healthcare. On March 8th 20 ENA members attended Legislation Day and spent the day learning about California legislature functions and the bill development process. There were 2 great guest speakers in the morning Tim Madden from the firm Randlett, Nelson, & Madden and Shanna Ezzell from Assembly Member Freddie Rodriguez’s office. The afternoon was spent touring the State Capitol and meeting with legislators. The afternoon following Leg Day, the GAC hosted a sidewalk CPR event in front of the Hyatt. Over the course of an hour 30 people were instructed in hands only CPR. The GAC would like to thank Kara Davis for coordinating the sidewalk CPR event and all the volunteers who came out to help in this community outreach. All of this wouldn’t be possible without the donation of the use of manikins from Laerdal Medical. We also wanted to thank Susan Smith for coordinating all the fantastic food, hotel rooms and meeting room logistics to make the day successful for all attendees. The Committee met on Thursday to discuss the introduced legislation for the new two-year cycle. The committee reviewed 17 Assembly bills, and 12 Senate bills. Here is the breakdown of the review: Assembly Bills: 17 AB Bills: 14 WATCH 2 REMOVE 1 SUPPORT- AB 882 Pupil Health Care Service: School Nurse Senate Bills 12 SB Bills: 3 REMOVE 1 OPPOSE – 2 SUPPORT- SB 20 Vehicle:Buses:Seatbelts SB 799 Board of Registered Nursing:sunset extension 1 WATCH with possible Support- SB 554 Nurse practitioners:independent practice 5 WATCH.

January 2017 Report: The GAC committee had a great turnout. This meeting focused on the planning details for Leg Day in March 2017. Save the Dates are available; one correction to the Save the Date is the year. The month and day are correct, but the year was inadvertently recorded as 2016. Please note. This year’s Leg Day will start with a cocktail reception with Leg Aids on Tuesday March 7th from 6:00pm-8:00pm. Please come join us and meet your Leg Aid. The official Leg Day will be Wednesday March 8th from 8:00am to 4:00pm. There will be education in the morning, tour of the Capitol with legislator visits in the afternoon. Immediately following Leg Day, there will be a sidewalk CPR demonstration from 4:30pm to 5:30pm. Registration information and more details will be available next week (1/20/17) on the website. If you are interested in participating in sidewalk CPR, please be sure to indicate that in the appropriate area on the form. Other topics discussed in our meeting were the newly introduced legislation for the 2017-2018 legislative cycle. Some areas of noted interest included National ENA Public Policy Agenda to be sure that we are monitoring legislation that is in line with National ENA. In addition, newly introduced legislation was included: AB 63- Provisional Drivers License, SB 20 which requires the use of seatbelts on private-chartered buses and SB 17- Notification of pricing increases for prescription medication. We discussed the California BRN strategic agenda. The BRN is searching for legislators to sponsor legislation on several regulation changes including a change to the CRNE program and the submission of malpractice settlement and arbitration reporting.

Committee Meeting Minutes

At Cal ENA State Meetings, the GAC meets at 9:00. Chapters are encouraged to send a representative to the meeting.


You can find both the Assembly and the Senate bills on this page. You can also subscribe to a bill to get an update on when it is being heard, in what committee and any changes in the language.

Contact the Governor

How to find your California representative:

California bill tracking:

Legislative Definitions:

Status: When a bill goes to APPR (Appropriations Committee), –that indicates the program requires more than $150,000 in funding.

Committee Recommendations:

  1. Watch – Indicates Cal ENA doesn’t have a position and will continue to watch the bill.
  2. Support – Indicates Cal ENA supports the bill in its present form.
  3. Support if amended – – meaning CalENA is requesting changes, but would support even if no changes were made. (letters should include requested amendments)
  4. Oppose – means Cal ENA opposes (we include the rationale for opposition and suggestions to eliminate opposition.)
  5. Oppose unless amended – means CalENA would oppose the bill unless changes were made (letters should include requested amendments).
  6. State Concerns – Express concerns and maybe provide language to eliminate Cal ENA concern.